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UK Colocation

A colocation data centre is one where facilities are shared by similar organisations or businesses.

London Colo works with a national fibre network operator and a section of only the best and most secure data centre’s throughout the UK. This allows us greater control, flexibility, scalability and reaction time. With our own fibre network, plus carrier and data centre neutrality, we are allowed to create bespoke solutions tailored to fit your needs. We negotiate with the data centres to get the best deals for you.

Our data centre neutrality allows us to impartially take into consideration your needs and location to propose a number of ideal solutions. The equipment racks, power, cooling, physical security and bandwidth can be shared by a number of businesses. Sharing space also means sharing the costs, offering considerable efficiencies of scale. Servers, storage and networking equipment can all be housed in a secure environment and connected to a range of different telecommunications and network service providers, whilst minimising the costs, increasing efficiencies and reducing complexity.

Data centres offering colocation services are becoming an increasingly important part of today’s IT landscape. More and more organisations have come to understand the problems associated with providing their own climate-controlled and secured facilities, and have realised the substantial advantages of Cloud computing. In effect, London Colo’s colocation centre becomes the cost-effective home for your Cloud.

Layer One Connection Services


Leasing a Wavelength in a managed fibre network offers the security, capability, uncontested nature and speed of a single leased Dark Fibre.

Dedicated Fibre

This is a solution that provides you with all the benefits of Dark Fibre, without needing a specialist networking team in place to manage it.

Dark Fibre

This offers a layer one connection with the ability to completely control the network environment. Anything and everything that passes down the fibre is controlled by the you.

Benefits Of Using London Colo

  • • Our go-live times are some of the fastest in the industry. 5 working days for on-net services.
  • • We respond to quote requests in hours, not days and weeks.
  • • Ultra high bandwidth specialists.
  • • Flexible contracts with tailored commitment terms are available.
  • • We employ fibre-optic experts from both technical and commercial fields.
  • • 97% of our clients renew their contracts.
  • • We design to your required levels of diversity, separation, resilience and redundancy.
  • • Our network operations centre is contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • • Our network is built on low latency, lightning fast technology.
  • • Design and implementation of full end to end solutions bespoke to your needs.
  • • Our data centre neutrality allows us to impartially take into consideration your needs and location to propose a number of ideal solutions.